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Farhana Johnston

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Behavior Change Specialist & D-Codes™ Certified Practitioner


(314) 580-5675


Far Beyond Fit specializes in holistic approaches to health and fitness. As the founder and owner of Far Beyond Fit, Farhana believes that to reach one's goals, one must look at all aspects of self; mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you are looking for an online training program, nutritional guidance, or energy healing services, we customize our approach to your needs. Through her knowledge on nutrition and fitness as well as her own personal practice with holistic healing methods such as Karuna®, Angelic Reiki, and D-Codes™, she helps people feel their best so they can be the best version of themselves!

What you get with me as your coach:

  • An "Align with Your Goals" healing session to overcome beliefs or past conditioning that prevent you from reaching your goals

  • Personalized workouts customized to your current condition, equipment availability and time restrictions.
  • 30 minute coaching sessions to review your progress and make modifications to your program as your needs change. 

  • Unlimited messaging to make comments and receive feedback on your daily workouts and progress

  • Nutrition guidance to help you make better choices without having to change everything all at once.

  • Initial FREE Consultation to determine your needs and goals, answer your questions, and determine if we are the right fit before you commit.

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