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It May Be Time For A Healing Session If:

Your body is unable to rest, relax and support you.

Your mind won't let go of old stories and painful memories that haunt you.

Your spirit yearns for more than the material world that surrounds you.

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Healing Sessions

Healing is an important part of self-care.  We store energy from traumatic experiences, past conditioning and old beliefs. It is important to release what no longer serves us so we can operate according to our own truth.

D-Codes™ is a modality that realizes healing occurs when the mind, body, and spirit are examined as a whole. They are not separate, as one affects the other. 

When we heal, we are better able to show up for ourselves and others. There are multiple ways to heal and discover your inner Phoenix.

Your negative thoughts affect your emotions, which in turn send a stress response to your body.

Learn more about how healing can help balance your life.

Curious about D-Codes™? Click below to learn more. 

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Physical fitness should be a priority for everyone.  But when life gets in the way, that is the first thing that gets left behind.  


By hiring a Virtual Fitness Coach, you can get the exercise you need without driving to a gym and fitting it into your schedule. You can do it on your own time, saving precious minutes for other things. 


Having a Coach holding you accountable while providing encouragement and motivation, you're much more likely to stick to your fitness goals. 


Workouts are designed with you and your family in mind. 


Nutritional support and energy healing is also available to help you with weight loss goals and balance your subtle bodies; mind, body and spirit.

About Me

 Virtual Fitness Coaching


Hi, I am Farhana

Like the Rising Phoenix, one must break free of the conditioning that created us in order to rise from the ashes. Resurrected and reborn. Living a life governed by you and not by what has happened to you.  


If healing could be accomplished with just love and light, then we would all be living our best lives.  Healing requires an understanding of the diverse spectrum of human emotions created by trauma, experiences and conditioning.


Beneath those emotions lies the hidden gem of insight, balance and calm. It is only when we face our shadows we can uncover our light and a long-lasting wisdom.  It is only when we bring together all the subtle bodies; emotional, spiritual, physical can we make lifestyle and lifelong changes.


As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, I have been coaching clients to reach their fitness goals for over 10 years. In December 2021, I expanded my training business and went virtual, allowing me to provide my services globally. 


I began my healing journey after the sudden loss of a dear friend. Learning several Reiki modalities; Usui, Karuna®, Angelic, I was able to heal a lot of my suppressed emotions.

After finding D-Codes™, my journey accelerated tenfold. Not only have I learned to manage the grief but I have also cleared past conditioning and beliefs, that kept me repeating the same patterns:

"I'm not good enough."

"What do I have to share with others?"

"Who am I to start my own business?"

Sounds familiar? 

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I have been so much more active than I could have imagined. Farhana has done an amazing job in helping find a balance between work, life, my family, and being healthy! Time management has been a weakness of mine, and I was the queen of excuses, but now I found a way to do it all and it not be too much. My favorite, the family play (aka exercise). Allowing me the time to spend with my family and make sure I'm staying healthy! Physically, I'm moving more, losing inches and weight (yay!) Mentally, I'm less stressed, less tired and more motivated!

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